Today every online business does in need of do something in form of email marketing. But how effective is your email marketing? Are your email campaigns helping you to acquire more customers or just going to just fill customers’ inbox?

Many business marketers says that email marketing campaigns will help in getting profitable customers. But only few marketers are getting success and rated leads generated from email marketing and highly profitable whereas other failed to do so. By employing the following five tips, you should see improvement in click through rates which will generate more qualified and profitable leads.

Don’t Overuse Images: Use compelling creative and make use of html wisely. Use images wherever required with properly formatted alt tag. Almost 60% of the customers have image disabled and many customer might view in a small mobile device which leads to disastrous click through rates.

Design your emails for mobile: Now almost most of the peoples are using mobile devices to check their emails before viewing it on computer. So your email campaign should be designed and optimized for mobile devices.

Add Click to Action: Every email campaign should have click to call / email option which enable your customers to call or email you directly without searching entire email.

Avoid Spam Filter Traps: Spam filters analysis a large list of conditions when determine email’s spam rate. If your email campaign exceeds certain spam score then it is sent to spam box. Some of the common mistakes are

  • All capital letters
  • Sloppy HTML
  • Spammed Phrases

Provide opt-out: Provide opt-out an unsubscribe option. According to CAN-SPAM laws, every email you send needs to provide recipients with an option to unsubscribe. If a user has decided to opt out, respect their request, and remove them from your email campaigns as soon as possible.